About Kalpa

KALPA is an umbrella association for pilots in Kenya with membership drawn from major airlines within the country. Kenya Airline Pilots Association was initially known as the East African Pilots Association prior to the breakup of the East African community in 1978. The association held its first elections in 1978 and registered it’s first CBA in 1987. KALPA works towards ensuring good working conditions for its members, focuses on flight safety and acts as a representative voice for professional pilots in Kenya.

Our Mission
  • Encouraging, promoting and ensuring Kenyanisation of the aviation industry in Kenya.
  • Creating and promoting public interest in Aviation and to encourage participation in this field throughout Kenya.
  • Promoting better understanding among members of the Aviation association and members of other Trade Unions and Aviation organizations and endeavor to bring co-operation among such members and / or organizations.
Our Goals
  • To safeguard and promote social and economic welfare of the members.
  • To offer assistance, by means of advise, to any organisation(s), or individual who may request such advise or help on Aviation matters.
  • To establish and promote literacy publications on all aspects of Aviation and the general activities of the Association as and when funds become available.
  • To educate the general public in Kenya on various Aviation subjects of benefit to the Nation and the people of Kenya.
Our Members

Kalpa members make up the majority of the pilot fraternity in Kenya, all united under one union. Currently Kalpa has about 500 professional pilots in its membership. Some of these members constitute the executive council that is the leadership of Kalpa .

Our Programs

Every year Kalpa establishes programs to complement and support demands of its members. These programs may not be known to the public, however we do  have several existing Programs  some of which are in alignment with the ever increasing demand for pilots in the country. Contact Us to find out more about these programs.



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