What is Rubani SOS..?

Rubani SOS is a group of volunteer pilots trained to offer unbiased and confidential support to a

pilot navigating through various life crises whether work related or social issues.

What kind of support do you offer..?

A pilot can expect to speak to a fellow airman who is most suited to understand the myriad of stressors that an aviator faces and thus together they can work to alleviate the overwhelm that comes with sudden or underlying maladies to allow the pilot reach equilibrium and find suitable solutions to their predicaments.

How can I ensure confidentiality..?

Rubani SOS peers are contractually bound to strict confidentiality and uphold the
highest levels of respect for their peers ensuring that everything discussed with a peer is kept between them.

How do I reach you..?

Call our toll free number 0800 723 747 or send a message to 0731757677 with your name, preferred peer to speak to (in terms of rank or gender) and one of us will reach out to you within six hours.