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KALPA is an umbrella association for pilots in Kenya with membership drawn from major airlines within the country. Kenya Airline Pilots Association was initially known as the East African Pilots Association prior to the breakup of the…

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To maximize Stakeholder value by:

  1. Encouraging, promoting and ensuring Kenya…
  2. Creating and promoting public interest in Avi…
  3. Promoting better understanding among me…

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  1. To safeguard and promote social and econ…
  2. To offer assistance, by means of advise, to…
  3. To establish and promote literacy publicat…
  4. To educate the general public in Kenya on…

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KALPA is an affiliate of IFALPA

IFALPA stands for the International Federation of Air Line Pilot’s Association.Shortly after World War II, the United Nations Organisation came into being and soon gave birth to several specialised agencies, one of which was the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The fact that ICAO was to make decisions on aviation policy without pilot representation immediately began to interest several pilots’  Associations.  Airline pilots begun to realise that they were citizens of the world in many respects; their daily work took them across the boundaries of many countries , and they were often dependent upon distant municipalities or States to provide them with the facilities necessary for their personal safety and that of their passengers. They became, therefore , vitally concerned with national and international affairs related to aviation.

To exercise some control over these forces, pilots had to put themselves into a position of showing determined leadership, in aviation and to achieve this they had to organise on an international basis. This was the reason for the birth of IFALPA in April of 1948 during a conference of pilots’ associations held in London for the express purpose of providing a formal means for the airline pilots of the world to interact with ICAO.

Staff at the Secretariat

Jessica Pekke

Is the Executive Secretary cum in-house Legal Adviser and is in charge of the day to day running of the Secretariat.

Jessica PekkeExecutive SecretaryWikiTravel
Fatma Sidi Saidi

Is the administrative Secretary at the Secretariat. She has served at Kalpa for over 15 years.

Fatma Sidi SaidiAdministrative SecretaryMedia Wiki
Massoud Bakari Mwakodi

Is our longest serving staff at Kalpa, having joined in 1986. He has served under four Executive Councils.

Massoud Bakari MwakodiStaff MemberMax Mobilcom
Japheth Opati

Is the new kid on the block. He joined Kalpa in November 2013.

Japheth OpatiStaff MemberDoom Inc
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